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Maine Home+Design, March 2017

“The art I create is abstract expressionism. My process is deeply rooted in emotion; I believe that colors intrinsically represent different emotions. We all hold this inner palette of colors within ourselves. When we allow ourselves to become extremely sensitive and attuned to our inner world as well as to our surroundings, and yet stay strong, confident, and true, we can experience all these beautiful color explosions of emotion. This is part of the process and purpose of living. “I’ve often referred to the canvas as an open stage where an improvisational act will take place. I use this metaphor only because it resonates with me, as I was an actor before becoming a painter. When you’re on the stage, you don’t know what is going to happen, and there’s a certain feeling that goes along with that. For me, that feeling is a color. It’s highly charged energy, the unknown expression of where this experience might lead. It’s also a very vulnerable place, but one that’s perfect for creation. The choices of color, texture, application, and composition are inherent, deliberate, palpable, bold, and, most important, honest about the emotional experience of the moment.” –Scott Bowe



This annual art guide is curated by Art Collector Maine in conjunction with Maine Home+Design and Maine magazines. It is a gorgeous, progressive publication with a rich glimpse into the thriving art world that is alive and well in Maine. 



Chilton Furniture, a family-owned, Maine company dedicated to selling fine, American-made wood furniture, is currently featuring the work of Scott Bowe in both of their showrooms. 

FREEPORT: 184 Lower Main Street, Freeport, Maine 04032 /// 207 865 4308

SCARBOROUGH: 410 Payne Road, Scarborough, ME 04074 /// 207 883 3366



Art Collector Maine is an online art gallery seeking to create synergy between artists and collectors. Additionally, ACM has two physical galleries—Portland Art Gallery in Portland, and Gallery at the Grand in Kennebunk. Selections of Scott's work can often be seen at Portland Art Gallery. Scott Bowe joined ACM in 2015.