Painting is storytelling 

Sometimes these stories need just paint and other times mixed media. The stories I tell are bold, kinetic, and colorful. My work has an almost musical quality to it where the rhythms of the colors move and swirl like notes played from a guitar. My work, like me, is always evolving and shifting. My greatest joy is watching someone stop to ponder a piece I’ve created. It is in those moments that I feel connected to the emotions we as humans all share.



Born in Fairfield County, Connecticut, my family relocated us to Maine in my early teens, and I attended Waynflete School. After graduation I was accepted to Semester at Sea where I circumnavigated the globe, visited nine countries, and discovered my passion for art. I visited local artists in Venezuela, Brazil, South Africa, Kenya, India, Malaysia, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Japan, and collected sculptures, woodcarvings, paintings, and masks. During these stopovers I made it a point to talk to the artists to understand their perspectives and motivations for creating their work. I studied their techniques. These experiences gave me the confidence and inspiration to use and experiment with these various  processes while encouraging and kindling my creativity to develop my own.  

But art would have to wait a few years. Following Semester at Sea and graduating college, I moved to California to pursue a career as an actor. I studied at the famous Groundlings School and appeared in films, commercials, and print ads. I even had the distinct honor to work alongside Robin Williams on the film “Flubber.”

Yet Maine remained in my heart, and its rocky shores and incredible creative energy kept calling to me. So I moved back home where I’ve settled in with my wife, Karen, and twins, Kendra and Alex. Here I have kindled my desire to create art that is inspired by the color and movement of the ever-changing Maine land and seascape.


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